HC&M: Holgate #1052 "Color Cone", late, in partial box

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Name Holgate #1052 "Color Cone", late, in partial box

Catalog ID HCM5355
Year circa 1948-1953
Description Excellent condition Color Cone, with the later thin "milk paint" look, showing the grain. Very little remains of a type 6 decal (dt6) on the top of the base. Red cap is the three-lobed style, and sits on a threaded post with a thin, off-center relief slit in the threads.

Orange, white and blue box with several pieces torn off, though mostly complete. Box is implicitly dated before 1949 ("nearly 150 years"), although the three-lobed cap does not appear in the catalog until 1951-1953.
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Dimensions 4x4x9