HC&M: Possible Holgate Walking Animal, Dachshund

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Name Possible Holgate Walking Animal, Dachshund

Catalog ID HCM5282
Year circa 1930-1940
Description This appears to be a Whiteside-patent walking animal, and is constructed with similarities to the Whiteside-patent walking animals made by Holgate. However, there are also some significant differences, that may mean it's an early prototype, or just of some other manufacture.

The most noticeable differences are in the wood used. While all other known Holgate-produced Walking Animals are of 3/4" thick wood (including the bunny?), with hardwood feet, this dachshund's body is slightly thinner (need to properly measure), and the feet appear to be pine. The pull-string is also unlike any Holgate pull-strings, and the pull-string ball is actually a small wooden bead painted pink, with a face. A phantom hole seems to indicate the existence of an earlier pull-string.

The feet, which appear to have slightly larger legs than usual, are attached by nails, peened over a small washer, which is also atypical, though may indicate more sophistication than would be expected from a home shop.

The black paint is a mixture of spray paint (spots) and hand-painting (nose and mouth). The tail has a missing chip, and appears to have been touched-up post-break.

The soft leather ears are attached with staples.

Seller purchased it at a thrift store in CT, around 1991.
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Dimensions 17.5x5.75x3