HC&M: Holgate #1204 "Raggedy Ann and Andy", 2008 limited edition

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Name Holgate #1204 "Raggedy Ann and Andy", 2008 limited edition

Catalog ID HCM5081
Year 2008
Description This pair of stacking/rocking toys was made as a promotion for the Toy Town Museum, in 2008. The museum selects and reproduces a different toy each year. The toy was produced to satisfy the pre-orders received.

This is not an exact reproduction, as the original was not a "rocky" toy, but had flat bases. This takes the base from the first version of the Holgate #1202 Jack and Jill, late, in box.

The bottom of one base is signed "Joni Gruelle | 2008". Both bases have hlt10 on the top, a toy-soldier logo of the Toy Town Museum, and "(c)&TM S & S, Inc. Lic. by UM".

Included with the toy was a Raggedy Ann laminated bookmark, also signed "Joni Gruelle 2007 | TM S+S", with "Raggedy Ann & Andy Museum | Arcola, IL." handwritten on the back. I believe the bookmark is from Joni Gruelle's own museum, which appears to have been liquidated in 2016. I don't believe it's original to the toy.
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