HC&M: Holgate #1107 "Rocky Color Cone", late, in box

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Name Holgate #1107 "Rocky Color Cone", late, in box

Catalog ID HCM5034
Year circa 1952-1953
Description Appears to be an unused Rocky Color Cone, the only one I've seen with Type 6 decal (dt6). Decal is dry and loose, and will require conservation.

Compare to Holgate #1107 "Rocky Color Cone", late, of the same era. This one has a less glossy finish, looking more like milk paint. The base appears to be lightly dyed yellow, with a thin orange paint on the center shaft.

The box is complete, but glued edge has separated. It has a 1948 copyright. I currently believe this decal indicates it's several years after that, but more research is needed.
Added 2021-04-16 13:52:23
Dimensions 4x4x5.5