HC&M: Holgate #639 "Touring Sedan", in box

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Name Holgate #639 "Touring Sedan", in box

Catalog ID HCM5028
Year circa 1941-1943
Description Touring Sedan with metal axles and other details (steering wheel, hood ornament, headlights, and possible side mirrors and tail lights.

Painted with green details. No decal. Two orange, and one each red and blue "people". All people have only various minor circular work-holding marks on the bottom, no "star" pattern.

Like Holgate #639 "Touring Sedan", no pullstring, this car has no pull-string, and no indication that it ever had one!

Box is a single piece of corrugated cardboard, and appears to have come unglued on the back.
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Dimensions 8.5x3.5x4