HC&M: Holgate #356 "36 Colored Junior Blocks in Wagon"

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Name Holgate #356 "36 Colored Junior Blocks in Wagon"

Catalog ID HCM4832
Year circa 1941
Description Uncommon wagon, as seen in the 1941 catalog. Drum-line theme, with snare and bass drummers, led by a flag bearer with a flag reading "HOLGATE | JUNIORS".

Note: the block layout shown in the wagon in the 1941 catalog photo cannot be done with the blocks listed in the catalog, without leaving out a Square. There are also two Doublongs in the photo, but only one listed.

Blocks are complete, but the colors do not conform to most sets studied, with no color variation within shapes (oddities marked with *):

8 Squares (red)*
1 Doublong (green)
4 Panels (orange)
8 Oblongs (red)*
2 Pillars (green)
4 Columns (yellow)
4 Diagonals (blue)*
1 Door
2 Windows
1 Gothic Arch (green)
1 Half Circle (yellow)

Wagon has some condition issues:
1) New screws added at middle bottom of sides (to hold support bar).
2) Front axles replaced with steel bolts.
3) Rear axles replaced with hardwood copies (or are they original? Rear left wheel fell off in shipping, and has oxidation marks from a steel washer, but it is not present. The washer is present on the rear-left, which has a similar, but better fitting, axle.
4) Bottom has delaminated slightly, and a strip is missing down the middle.
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Dimensions 19.5x12.25x4.25