HC&M: Holgate #1036 "String O' Cars", in box

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Name Holgate #1036 "String O' Cars", in box

Catalog ID HCM4786
Year circa 1932
Description A very early 8-piece set of wooden train cars, which are threaded on to string via holes through their trucks. The wooden cars are unmarked. There are two white pull-strings, one of which is damaged.

The set consists of a red locomotive, a green tender, an orange caboose, and five other cars (two yellow, two green, one blue).

The box is two-piece cardboard covered in blue paper, with small blue label in the center, which looks looks like a yellow fence, with "HOLGATE TOYS | STRING O' CARS | NO. 1036 8 COLORED CARS" on it.

At the lower right of the box, is the "MADE IN AMERICA | BY AMERICAN WORKMEN" sticker (hlt3).

Three of the box top corners have separated. One side of the box bottom has a year. There is a light green insert, with holes for the cars, printed in black: "STRING O' CARS | A PULL TOY STRINGS LIKE BEADS | A HOLGATE TOY".

The String O' Cars in the 1934 catalog is different from this one. This is likely the one from the 1932 price list.
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Dimensions 13.5x9.375x1.25