HC&M: Holgate #352 16 Junior Blocks, Colored, in Wagon (V-for-Victory theme)

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Name Holgate #352 16 Junior Blocks, Colored, in Wagon (V-for-Victory theme)

Catalog ID HCM4758
Year circa 1942-1945
Description A mid-sized wagon with 16 well-worn colored Junior blocks. Soldiers, sailors, and dogs are printed in silhouette on all sides, red on the sides and blue on the ends. The ends also have a large "V" with "HOLGATE | JUNIORS" superimposed over it.

The Holgate "V-wagon" (my term) is not completely identified. I have seen no advertising of Junior blocks or wagons between 1943 and 1947, inclusive. However, the V-for-Victory theme of this wagon is strong evidence that this is a WWII-era wagon. It matches the #352 of previous years in size and blocks.

The blocks are complete, as in the 1941 catalog, listed below. Unusually, there is no color variation in the oblongs or the squares.
5 Oblongs (red)
5 Squares (blue)
2 Doublongs (green)
2 Columns (yellow)
1 Gothic Arch (green)
1 Half Circle (yellow)

The nearby Kane Dairy was using a "Victory" theme in 1942 (see Kane Dairy half-pint round milk bottle, "Keep 'em Flying" (#2)).
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Dimensions 17x12x5