HC&M: Holgate #51 "Time-A-Roo" play clock in box

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Name Holgate #51 "Time-A-Roo" play clock in box

Catalog ID HCM4755
Year circa 1947
Description A Teach-A-Tot toy, which appears in the 1947 Holgate catalog.

The original box is intact, but for a hoe in the top where the "nose" stuck through the cardboard. The box does not mention Holgate at all, and is marked by the original owner of "Teach-A-Tot", "Cappel, MacDonald & Co., Dayton, O[hio]". I am still researching the relationship between the two companies. At this time, I do not believe the toy was manufactured in Kane.

The top of the clock is a slotted plug, meant to spring in the hole and provide a slot to drop coins, but the hinge has snapped and it is now two pieces.

A thick red-on-yellow Teach-A-Tot decal (or sticker) is present on the back.
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Dimensions 3.25x6x4