HC&M: Holgate #607 "Color Cone Peg Cart", incomplete

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Name Holgate #607 "Color Cone Peg Cart", incomplete

Catalog ID HCM4738
Year circa 1938-1939
Description Holgate Color Cone Peg Cart, with original pull string. This is known to have been made from 1937-1939. This one appears to be from the latter two years, due to the Type 4b decal (dt4b).

The toy has a broken wheel, and is missing the following pieces: the blue and purple pegs (the two smallest), and the red ring (largest).

It has the following replacements: a second blue ring, and large purple and yellow pegs

I believe the better-condition blue ring is the original one, due to the worn one being slightly thicker than the next-thicker ring, while the less-worn one is in the middle of the range.
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Dimensions 17.375x4.625x5