HC&M: Holgate #Unknown Green Juniors Wagon with 19 Colored Blocks

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Name Holgate #Unknown Green Juniors Wagon with 19 Colored Blocks

Catalog ID HCM4737
Year circa 1932-1935
Description It's not clear which wagon this is. Is possible that it's pre-1934, and those catalogs have not yet been found. There are no known 19-block wagons. The 20-block wagon in the 1934 catalog is a different shape.

Wooden hubs and axles. There are several chips out of the rear of the sides, past the slots.

Pull string, which would be a loop through two holes in the front of the base, is missing.

There are 19 blocks:
2 Doublongs (orange)
5 Oblongs (2 each red and blue, 1 green)
6 Squares (2 each red, blue and yellow)
2 Columns (2 yellow)
2 Pillars (2 green)
1 Gothic Arch (green)
1 Half-Circle (yellow)

More research is needed into the the construction, compared to known 1934-1935 wagons, and if differences are found, it may be justified to date these green wagons to 1932-1933.

See Holgate #??? Colored Junior Blocks, in green wagon.

Possibly a predecessor to #313/314, an 18-block wagon in 1937, which appears to have the same dimensions.
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Dimensions 16x11x4