HC&M: Holgate #530 "Playroom Blocks in Bag"

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Name Holgate #530 "Playroom Blocks in Bag"

Catalog ID HCM4619
Year circa 1938
Description First version of the Playroom Blocks in a cloth bag. The bag is silk-screened logo similar to the Type 4b decal, along with "PLAYROOM | BLOCKS" in a period typeface. This bag is seen in "For the Pre-School Child", Holgate Toys brochure.

The set should contain the following, and is complete but for one Pillar. There is an extra round rod, longer and thinner than the columns.
6 Oblongs
4 Diagonals
6 Squares
2 Trapezoids
4 Pillars
2 Byzantine Arches
4 Columns
2 Buttresses
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