HC&M: Holgate #106 "Porcupine Blocks", bag only

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Name Holgate #106 "Porcupine Blocks", bag only

Catalog ID HCM4588
Year circa 1931
Description A sewn cloth bag with drawstring, with a picture of a disassembled "Porcupine Blocks" toy. "PORCUPINE | BLOCKS" is above, and an oval "HOLGATE" (probably over "Since 1789") oval logo is below, above a black panel saying "Holgate Brothers Company | Kane Pennsylvania", in small caps.

The "Porcupine Blocks" toy preceded the "Porcupine Peg" toy, and is found in the 1931 catalog. The 1932 price list shows a "Peg Porcupine" toy, with 34 pegs, which is more than the 29 of the later "Porcupine Peg". It's not clear if this "Peg Porcupine" is the same as the 1931 model, or a third variation.

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Dimensions 5.5x10