HC&M: Holgate #640 "Jack Rabbit Bus", Type II with pull-string

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Name Holgate #640 "Jack Rabbit Bus", Type II with pull-string

Catalog ID HCM4503
Year circa 1945-1946
Description Jack Rabbit Bus with all people and pull string with blue ball. Steel axles and other details (five to front and five to back). Decal on dash is missing, with a slight shadow remaining. Top is dark heartwood with a stripe of sapwood on the side.

3 red
2 orange
1 yellow
3 green
2 blue
1 purple
All but one red and one green are heavily worn.
All but one orange have concave bottoms, many with a hole in the center, sometimes obviously square. One orange has a flat bottom with a circular mark. Heights vary from 2.154" to 2.252". Diameters vary from about .600 to .654, though have shrunk to be out of round. A red and a purple both have very small heads, with obvious tool marks to the neck.

Left rear axle is replaced with a nail, and appears to have a replaced washer.
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