HC&M: Holgate #719 "Donkey Peg" in box

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Name Holgate #719 "Donkey Peg" in box

Catalog ID HCM4502
Year circa 1936
Description Multi-colored Donkey Peg, or Peggity, like Holgate #719 Donkey Peg. Some wear. Type 4a decal (dt4a) has some damage.

Yellow paper-covered two piece box is printed in red, and is complete except for one edge of the lid. Box says "HOLGATE Educational TOYS | No. 719 | DONKEY PEG | Made By | HOLGATE BROTHERS COMPANY, KANE, PA. | Established Since 1789".

Original $2.00 price tag from "Hutzler Brothers Co| Baltimore" on bottom.

Note on top of box says "W. [???] College | Nursery School". Possibly Wilson College (Wilson Female College, until 1920)? Found in Littlestown, PA, by the seller.
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