HC&M: Holgate #1004 "Peg Board" (missing 7 pegs)

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Name Holgate #1004 "Peg Board" (missing 7 pegs)

Catalog ID HCM4483
Year circa 1934-1935
Description This early Peg Board is unfortunately in rough condition, and is missing 7 of the 12 pegs, both oranges, and one each of the other colors. Pegs are 1 1/8" x 4 1/2". The holes in the board have four-lobed painted rings around them. The board appears to have a possibly opaque lacquer, or even paint paint, over the entire surface, unusually including the bottom, with possibly another coat of more transparent lacquer over everything, including the decal. There is a nearly intact, though obscured by lacquer, type 3 decal (dt3) at the end between the two purple holes.

It's not clear if the dark lacquer is original. Appears consistent with the 1934-1936 catalogs and advertisements, except those photos show painted rings without lobes. The 1934-1935 boards are dark, the 1936 board is a very light painted color, possibly white or yellow.
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Dimensions 14.625x5.875x4.875