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Name "Fleecestreet's Improved Pig Latin Grammar", miniature book

Catalog ID HCM4478
Year 1963
Description "Fleecestreet's Improved | PIG LATIN | GRAMMAR | for Modern Scholars | Adapted From | Gen. Cyclops Stonebone's | Four Basic Dialects of Pig Latin | by | Judge Jason Augustus | Fleecestreet | Los Angeles | The Press in the Gatehouse | M CM LXIII"

A miniature book, quarter brown moroccan leather and marbled boards. "PIG | LATIN" in gilt on spine.

"200 copies | printed at | The Press in the Gatehouse | bound by | Bela Blau | and are to be sold by | Dawson's Book Shop".

Printed by William Murray Cheney (1907-2002), at the Gatehouse of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library (where he worked). The library is a rare book and manuscript library, part of the UCLA system, in the West Adams district of LA. Cheney sometimes used the pseudonmyms Jason Augustus Fleecestreet and Cyclops Stonebone, using both in this instance.

From the LA Times: "Bela Blau [(1914-1993)] had been a printer in Hungary until he was imprisoned in a Nazi labor camp during World War II. He had restarted his business after the war, only to lose it again when Communists took over Hungary.

After fleeing to the United States in 1956, he went to work for a Los Angeles bookbinding company. Several years later he opened his own custom binding company and named it A-1 Bookbinding to win the lead spot in the telephone directory."
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Dimensions 1.7x2.9