HC&M: Holgate #157 "Bucktail Stockade", nearly complete

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Name Holgate #157 "Bucktail Stockade", nearly complete

Catalog ID HCM4440
Year circa 1934-1935
Description A mostly-complete fort set. Both large roof have 5-20% remaining of type 2 decals (dt2) on the inside. There is damage to the top of one large house, and the corner of the gate. One complete fence section is missing, and one is just the base. Also missing the flagpole and well, as is normal for these sets.

Complete set includes (from page 31 of the 1935 catalog): "two block houses with first and second stories and roofs, one hut, one gate section, four corner pieces, nine fence sections, one well, and flagpole with base and flag."

From what I can tell, from the description above, and catalog photos., the total pieces should be, with any missing from this set noted:
9 fence sections (1 missing, and one base-only)
4 corner fence sections
3 gate pieces (gate itself is missing a nail and part of the corner)
3 small houses
1 small roof
2 big houses
2 big roofs
1 flagpole (missing)
1 well (missing)

Came with two newer roofs for the small houses. though they're not meant to have roofs: the large houses sit on them.
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