HC&M: Sand shovel from Holgate #226 set

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Name Sand shovel from Holgate #226 set

Catalog ID HCM4411
Year circa 1941
Description This shovel appears to be the same shovel that is pictured with Holgate #226 "Sand Sifter Basket and 3 Tools" (see Holgate #226 "Sand Sifter Basket and Tools", without tools), though it was probably used in other sets of the same era. The sailor motif is also seen on the hoe-rake from Holgate #209 "Colored Pail and 3 Tools".

Three sailing ships in red on the front of the blade, three blue sailors with flags and bell-bottoms on the back. Handle top is red.

Handle is 8.5" long, longer than the handle on Holgate #215 shovel (missing sand pail).
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Dimensions 12.5