HC&M: Holgate #335 "60 Two x Four Blocks, Plain, in Bag"

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Name Holgate #335 "60 Two x Four Blocks, Plain, in Bag"

Catalog ID HCM4388
Year circa 1936-1938
Description "Two x Four" blocks are intended to supplement Junior Block or Playroom Block sets. This plain set originally contained 60 pieces, and was relatively cheaply produced, without the lacquer or wax of the colored set. The standard "oblong" was 1"x2"x4".

This set includes the 15"x16" original one-piece sewn bag, with apparently original twine pull-string with steel ring (not visible in catalogs). The bag is printed with a star theme in red and blue, and says "HOLGATE | TWO x FOUR | BLOCKS".

Contains the following 47 blocks. Some are damaged, and many have pencil scribbles:
6 Diagonals
7 Squares (1 missing)
5 Oblongs (incl. 1 damaged; 1 missing)
2 Trapezoids
3 Columns (1 missing)
2 Triangles
1 Byzantine Arches (1 missing)
4 Pillars
2 Buttresses
4 Cubes (incl. 1 damaged; 4 missing)
6 Half Columns (incl. 1 damaged; 2 missing)
7 Half Pillars (1 missing)

See Holgate #335 "60 Two x Four Blocks, Plain, in Bag", bag only for another bag, slightly smaller, and without the steel ring.
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Dimensions 15x16