HC&M: Holgate #54 "Holgate Ferry"

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Name Holgate #54 "Holgate Ferry"

Catalog ID HCM4370
Year circa 1934-1935
Description Same as Holgate #54 "Holgate Ferry", Educational Play Materials, but with a type 3 (dt3) decal.

Broken smokestack, and overall rough condition. Sloppy paint, possibly touched-up?

Other differences from Holgate #54 "Holgate Ferry", Educational Play Materials:
* Four nails for each of the two small square roofs, instead of 2.
* Smokestacks are black with red, instead of yellow with red and black.
* Floor is darker
* Large flat-head (roofing) nail in center of roof, instead of one of the rounded studs used elsewhere.
* Main roof is slightly thinner, appears to be plywood, and is partially painted on the underside. Roof appears to be painted post-construction (see earlier comment about touch-ups), and nails are painted over.
* Contour of hull is slightly different.
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Dimensions 20.25x7.75x6.25