HC&M: Holgate #443 "Jerry Blocks"

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Name Holgate #443 "Jerry Blocks"

Catalog ID HCM4368
Year circa 1933
Description Early "Jerry Blocks" set in remnants of original box.

Train locomotives both have "Educational Play Materials" decals (dt1) on the front windshields, and have what appear to be black and white pull strings (2 strands of black, 1 white), with unpainted balls. One string is broken, but complete.

Missing 1 piece, a 3" stick. The complete set of 90 pieces would consist of:
2 Engines
1 Caboose
32 Car Blocks
32 Pegs
11 6" Sticks
12 3" Sticks

Original box was thick, uncorrugated cardboard, with a thin blue paper cover. About half of the blue paper is missing, most of what is remaining is loose. There is a large rectangular label, with "EDUCATIONAL | PLAY MATERIALS | No. 443-S 90 Pieces | JERRY BLOCKS | HOLGATE BROTHERS COMPANY . KANE PA.", with a large printed wax seal that says "HOLGATE | SINCE 1789". This logo was filed with the Patent Office in 1933.
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Dimensions 18x10.25x1.75