HC&M: Holgate #1082 "Bingo Bed", nursery rhyme theme

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Name Holgate #1082 "Bingo Bed", nursery rhyme theme

Catalog ID HCM4345
Year circa 1940-1941
Description Bench with different sized and colored pegs. Ends are printed on the outsides only, one in red, the other in blue, with two themes on each side, so one is up depending on which side of the bed is up. The blue end has Jack jumping over the candle stick, and Jack and Jill with a pail of water. The red end has a man selling pies, and a man walking a pig.

The top of the single-board bed is stamped "U.S. PAT. NO. 1843598 | HOLGATE TOYS", with black ink (or branded?).

The mallet has an eight-sided head, and the lower half of the handle is painted red with a white stripe.
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Dimensions 10.875x4.75x5.875