HC&M: Holgate #1082 "Bingo Bed" in white box

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Name Holgate #1082 "Bingo Bed" in white box

Catalog ID HCM4344
Year circa 1943-1944
Description Mint condition Bingo Bed, with only slight circular imprints to the face of the mallet and the boards. Two bandsmen are printed in red at the ends, a cymbal player and a bass drummer. This combination is not illustrated in any catalog I've seen, although a similar bass drummer is shown in the 1950 catalog. There is no printing other than the two figures (nothing on the inside of the ends). "HOLGATE TOYS | U.S. PAT. NO. 1848598" is stamped (without ink) at the center edge of one of the boards (the top is two separate boards).

The hammer/mallet has an eight-sided head, and appears to be unpainted, except for a 1/2" white stripe around the top of the handle, which appears to be the glue holding the head on.

Original one-piece white box with blue printing, including the Parents' Magazine logo. One flap is missing from the box.

Also includes three inserts:
Small packer's slip, white with red ink: "Notice | This HOLGATE TOY | has passed inspection | and been carefully | wrapped and packed. | If there is a shortage | of parts, this Packer's | Slip must accompany | you claim. | Holgate Brothers Co. | Kane, Pa. | PACKER NO. 6".

4 1/2 x 6" Bingo Bed pamphlet (folded once), printed in yhellow and black.

6 x 11 1/4" brochure, printed in black and the same red as the 1943 and 1944 catalogs. The Bingo Bed is shown with the an elephant illustrated on the end, and is the same image as the 1943 and 1944 catalogs. Several war toys are also shown: #666, #665 and #669, dating this Bingo Bed to that time frame. This is earlier than I thought the split bed was made.

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Dimensions 11x5x6.25