HC&M: Holgate #313 18 Plain Junior Blocks in wagon

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Name Holgate #313 18 Plain Junior Blocks in wagon

Catalog ID HCM4299
Year circa 1936-1937
Description 15-unit Junior Blocks ship wagon, with "HOLGATE | JUNIORS" between two ships in black on each side. Large scrape through printing on right side. Wheels are red on back, red with yellow star on front, with steel axles and washers. Wagon is assembled with small round-head screws. Original green woven pull string is intact, and attached through the front axle.

I believe this is #313, 18 Plain Junior Blocks in Wagon. See Holgate Toys (1936). Confirmed, found in 1937 catalog. NOTE: Also seen in "The Amarillo Globe-Times", 28 November, 1938.

Plain Junior blocks with the following shapes:
1 Column
2 Doublongs
3 Squares
4 Oblongs

Purchased half-filled with Set of 117 Halsam wooden "American Bricks" and a few other blocks, in addition to the 10 Plain Junior Blocks.

Dating: A similar wagon with multi-colored stars along with the sailing ships was used until 1938. The ship theme was replaced by 1940. I estimate this to be 1936-7. See Holgate Toys (1936) for this same design on a different size wagon.

In 1938, Holgate #1, Elementary Set of Junior Blocks (in box), consisted of:
6 Oblongs (6 units)
4 Squares (2 units)
2 Panels (? units)
2 Columns (1 unit)
4 Diagonals (2 units)
That doesn't seem to work out to 15 units? In at least some other sets, a panel is 2/3 of a unit. Even at a full unit, it's only 13 units of blocks.
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Dimensions 6x9.375x2.5 plus axles and wheels