HC&M: Holgate #1060 Color Cone Tree, type 1

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Name Holgate #1060 Color Cone Tree, type 1

Catalog ID HCM4286
Year circa 1938-1941
Description Early Color Cone Tree, with brown "trunk" and un-beveled rings. Remains of decal to front of base ring. Metallic gold visible at top of decal, indicating a decal type 4a (dt4a) or, more likely, type 4b (dt4b).

Rings are graduated from 1 3/4" (purple cap) to 3 5/8" (largest ring, red), so each is 3/8" bigger than the next. Brown trunk is 1 1/4" diameter, 1 1/8" tall. Rings, base and cap are all 7/8" thick.

Only minor wear to paint.

See Holgate #1060 Color Cone Tree, type 2, unpainted trunk for later version.

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Dimensions 7.375x3.5