HC&M: Holgate #556 Colored Playroom Blocks in Wagon

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Name Holgate #556 Colored Playroom Blocks in Wagon

Catalog ID HCM4285
Year circa 1940-1950
Description Wagon with 33 blocks. Originally most likely had 32 or 36. Not found in catalogs. Has large wheels with yellow/brown painted design that looks like a slice of a log (yellow wood, brown bark). Steel axles. Three steel nails hold each corner.

Unusually, has small sign printed on the front that says "HOLGATE | TOY | No. 556". Also on the front is a man riding a donkey, with Jarvis Rockwell's initials "JR" on the donkey.

Some faint stenciling may be visible on the bottom panel, and needs investigation.

Not found in the catalogs, though I'm sure I've seen these "log" style wheels somewhere before. Likely 1940s era.

Blocks are rough. Some blocks, and the wagon, have scribbles on them.

Blocks included:
4 Panels
1 Doublong
7 Oblongs
6 Squares
4 Diagonals
5 Pillars
3 Columns
2 arches
1 half-circle

One arch and one diagonal were not listed in the auction, but were included, for 33 total.

Dimensions don't include wheels.
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Dimensions 16.25x10x3.5