HC&M: Holgate #721 "Baby Push", Type 1

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Name Holgate #721 "Baby Push", Type 1

Catalog ID HCM4279
Year circa 1934-1935
Description This is the bottom of the rare Type I "Baby Push". See and for the Type 2 model. This is missing the handle, with cross-bar near the top.

It consists of a 5/8" x 10" threaded rod, and two each of lobed end-caps, 1 3/4" cubes, and 3 3/4", 3 3/8", and 2 1/4" wheels. One of the cubes has just over 1/2 of a decal type III (dt3) remaining.

Note: assembled incorrectly in auction photos, as the two smallest wheels should be at the outside. Uploaded photo shows it correctly.
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Dimensions 11x3.75