HC&M: Holgate #1202 Jack and Jill (Jill only)

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Name Holgate #1202 Jack and Jill (Jill only)

Catalog ID HCM4273
Year circa 1938-1939
Description Originally sold as a pair with Jack. See Holgate #1202 Jack and Jill (Jack only).

Missing the "feet", a turned white and black piece, similar to the one on Jack.

See 1938 catalog, page 16, which says Jack and Jill could also be used as children for the Fairyland Prince and Fairyland Queen. Also appears in the 1940 catalog, but without the rounded sides on the base.

Very tiny piece of a decal on the base, with the round outline visible.

Coated in a blackish grime. Will try to clean off. Original color can be seen inside when disassembled.
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