HC&M: Holgate #201 "Fishing Game"

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Name Holgate #201 "Fishing Game"

Catalog ID HCM4126
Year circa 1939
Description I believe this to be the 1939 version, the only year they simply cut the fish out of boards, without contouring them in three dimensions. The 1940 catalog, from the following year, states: "[t]he fish are now streamlined and ingeniously weighted so they can be thrown in the water or on the floor and yet will always float or remain upright."

Includes small "FISHING FOR FUN | INSTRUCTION BOOK", printed in blue, from "New York Toy & Game Mfg. Co., New York", and copyrighted 1937. Not sure if it's original to the game.

Yellow box with reinforced corners, back left corner is detached.
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Dimensions 18x4x1