HC&M: Unknown Holgate "Playroom clock"

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Name Unknown Holgate "Playroom clock"

Catalog ID HCM3992
Year circa 1938-1942
Description Unknown toy, similar to the "Time Teacher" or "Playroom Clock", but not found in the catalogs. Has a gold decal (dt4b) at 6:00. Painted in blue, with nursery rhyme characters. Some crayon markings. Three vertical cracks, corresponding with nickel-plated round-head screws, which may be later. One additional hole in lower right corner is unexplained. Made of high-quality plywood, with a yellow pine (?) stand, which also may be later. Hands are unpainted.

There is one from UG's collection in the McKean County Museum.

One in the Ronald Simkoff Collection also has a type 4b decal, and has an inscription on the back from Christmas, 1939.
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Dimensions 8x10.25