HC&M: Holgate #719 "Peggity" or "Donkey Peg"

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Name Holgate #719 "Peggity" or "Donkey Peg"

Catalog ID HCM3972
Year circa 1934-1935
Description As seen in the 1935 catalog, this wooden donkey comes apart with both slotted pegs and threads. The threads are, unusually for Holgate, stamped sheet metal nailed to the holds/pegs. All parts painted green, with some green overspray in the sockets.

Missing one ear. Eyes appear to be thumb tacks.

Known as "Peggity" in the 1934 catalog, and "Donkey Peg" in 1935.

Early decal (dt3) in perfect condition to chest.

See later, multi-color version with later decal here: Holgate #719 Donkey Peg.
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