HC&M: Holgate #665 "Jeep Tank Destroyer", in box

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Name Holgate #665 "Jeep Tank Destroyer", in box

Catalog ID HCM3787
Year circa 1943
Description "F5"-marked jeep with metal headlights and axles. Rear right axle is missing, but wheel is present. Only one remaining wheel appears to have a washer. Red ball on pull cord. Pull cord may have been moved from further underneath to the front edge (holes apparent on bottom. Four blue soldiers present.

Gun in VG condition, with only wear to the wheel edges. Painted on three surfaces. Wheels have metal axles and washers.

Cardboard box has un-reinforced edges, and tape is broken on the only seam, at rear left.

Smells of smoke.

Compare to Holgate #665 "Jeep Tank Destroyer".
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Dimensions 8x6.75x3.25