HC&M: Holgate #618 "Auto Form Truck"

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Name Holgate #618 "Auto Form Truck"

Catalog ID HCM3181
Year circa 1939-1940
Description With pull string and ball, but missing two pegs, and three each of round and square pieces, to stack on the trailer. Some wear to paint. Pre-USA decal (dt4b) and two metal headlights on front of cab.

1940 Catalog, page 16: "NO. 6l8 AUTO FORM TRUCK
Recommended for children two and
three years of age.
This attractive toy truck can be used first of all to train the child in the selection of simple shapes. Placing the round pieces on one peg and the square pieces on another, the child is learning to think for himself. As the child progresses with his play with blocks he will then use the Auto Form Truck to carry block shapes from one project to another.
Price $1.75"
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