HC&M: Holgate #12 Storybook Cottage

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Name Holgate #12 Storybook Cottage

Catalog ID HCM3103
Year circa 1938
Description A large, open, two-room house playset with painted windows. A brown-painted table with three differently sized bowls of porridge, and three different sized/colored chairs (one leg missing on the smallest). Three differently sized beds. Three bears, and Goldilocks. There is a pre-USA decal (dt4b) on the front edge of the wall. Curtains appear to be missing from windows.

Found in the 1938 catalog, essentially a redesigned and renamed Holgate #12 "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", with box.

Figures are 1/2” thick, and the following heights:
3 3/8” Papa
3 1/16” Mama
2 1/4” baby
2 13/16” Goldilocks
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