HC&M: Holgate #202 "Fishing Game"

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Name Holgate #202 "Fishing Game"

Catalog ID HCM2887
Year circa 1934-1935
Description This is the enhanced version of #201, with actual reels on the rods. Two wooden rods with removable green painted handles with wooden reels attached with wooden pins (one is broken and half the pin missing). Each rod has a string and hook attached. There are four fish, all hand-painted, two large green, a blue and an orange.

Original two-piece cardboard box in poor condition, "HOLGATE TOY FISHING GAME HOLGATE BROS., KANE, PA." down the side, and "WOOD YOU LIKE TO FISH?" on the top, and "Designed by | JARVIS ROCKWELL" on the end(s?).

See page 23 of "The Holgate Play Year" (1934 catalog).

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Dimensions 26x2.5x2.5