HC&M: Holgate #10 "Mother Goose Play Tray"

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Name Holgate #10 "Mother Goose Play Tray"

Catalog ID HCM2763
Year circa 1934-1935
Description Wooden toy walled-yard playset with a small red-roofed stone structure in one corner. Besides the roof, which has numbers, names and other writing in pencil and crayon on the bottom, along with a partial gold "HOLGATE | TOYS | KANE | PA U.S.A." (dt3) decal, there are 20 other pieces:
7 people
1 collie
1 cat
1 chicken
1 bucket with wire handle
1 mouse (?)
1 well
3 containers of "WooL" [sic]
1 container of "MALT"
1 cow
2 pigs
1 black sheep
1 white sheep

The bottom is made of two boards. Everything is hand-painted. There are four felt feet at the corners of the base.

Catalog item #10 in the 1934 and 1935 catalogs. This is the lowest number known.
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Dimensions 17x11.5x5