HC&M: Holgate #1103 "Rollo the Cadet"

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Name Holgate #1103 "Rollo the Cadet"

Catalog ID HCM2749
Description A 5" tall rocking/rocky toy consisting of a golden-haired boy in red tunic and blue hat, on a green round-bottom base with decal. One of a series of four (Clown, Bear, Boy, Cadet). I believe this is the cadet. See 1935 catalog, page 24. Does not appear in the 1934 catalog.

Wear to top and edges.

Early "HOLGATE TOYS", "KANE, PA. U.S.A." decal (dt3)

Base is 4" diameter, 1.25" tall. Cadet is .875" thick.
Year circa 1935
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Dimensions 5