HC&M: Holgate #157 "Bucktail Stockade"

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Name Holgate #157 "Bucktail Stockade"

Catalog ID HCM1988
Year circa 1934-1935
Description Incomplete fort set, consisting of two small houses, one with flat roof, and one large house with faceted roof, and twelve standing wall segments plus two without stands (**** need to re-inventory. At least one of the "without stands" pieces is likley a gate).

Complete set includes (from page 31 of the 1935 catalog): "two block houses with first and second stories and roofs, one hut, one gate section, four corner pieces, nine fence sections, one well, and flagpole with base and flag."

The large roof has the remains of a type 2 decal on the inside: "HOLGATE TOYS MADE BY HOLGATE BROTHERS KANE, PA" (dt2).
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