HC&M: Holgate #669, "155 M.M." Tank in box

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Name Holgate #669, "155 M.M." Tank in box
Description This toy self-propelled gun has only slight wear, and comes in the original cardboard box, marked on end:
No. 669
"155 M.M." TANK
One of the Many

The other side says:
No. 669
"155 M.M." TANK
Typifies the most formidable development
in mobile longer range artillery.

Originally should have come with 4 blue people. This came with:
3 blue
2 red
1 orange
1 purple

Differs only slightly from my other example, with fenders having axes and spades instead of spade-toolbox-wrench. Yellow "MADE IN U.S.A." decal (dt4c) on top. Staple on bottom, but no pull-string.
Year circa 1942-1945
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Dimensions 12x6x5 box